"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you...”
-Matthew 6:33


Introducing Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe — Pastor Brian Brodersen


$800 gift for your Youth or College Pastor!



CCBCE is celebrating over 20 years of changed lives! It is our heart over the next 20 years to see another generation of missionaries. To help with this we are launching a new partnership program for Calvary Chapel senior pastors. We would like to bless you and your ministry by giving you $800 in scholarship units to give to your youth pastor that they can use for online study! They get to continue serving with you, while studying towards their degree with us! To begin this spring 2015 semester, simply register your church and youth pastor on this page by January 31, 2015. For them to be eligible we ask that:

  1. They are serving as the youth or college pastor for your church
  2. They are in good standing with your church
  3. They have been personally recommended by you, the sr. pastor of the church
  4. If their status changes you will let us know immediately

Upon completion of these things they will be eligible for up to 10 units of online classes each semester your church participates in our M633 program!



M633 Program

M633 stands for Matthew 6:33 (Seek ye first the Kingdom...) We believe that students who give the Lord a semester of Bible college are more likely to pursue ministry and missions. They are more equipped to handle the pressures of a secular campuses; they have a better sense of God’s call and direction for their life. We are doing a Calvary Chapel-wide push to exhort pastors and youth pastors to ask this next generation to “Seek ye first the Kingdom!"


Our hope is that by building a stronger bridge between us, you will consider encouraging the next generation to consider giving God a semester with us. We know how hard it is to keep and equip a great team. We would like to better serve you and your church by allowing them to grow in the study of the Word while serving full time with you!

Bonus $200 Referral Credit: As an added benefit, for each student who is referred by your ministry and attends one of our onsite programs your church will receive a $200 credit. This will grow for each semester the student attends. This scholarship may be used by anyone you and/or your church decides! Whether it helps you plan for your children's future, or there is someone you would like to invest in at your church. We know every single student that takes the step of faith to attend will be blessed. We want to return the blessing and make it easier for more students in the future to attend, that is why we are offering the referral credit.

How do you enroll? When you register for the scholarship units for your youth pastor, your church is automatically enrolled. Anyone who attends one of our full time programs and credits you or your church as the reason for attending, you are eligible for the credit. Upon acceptance, our admissions department will confirm the relationship of the student and your church, and your church builds its scholarship fund. It's that simple!


On-site Programs

CCBCE offers a three-year accredited European Union Bachelors Program, by which the student can receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology. The program is designed to equip students with a biblical foundation for following Jesus and serving Him. With an emphasis on making disciples, students are afforded the opportunities of studying through the Bible, cross-cultural fellowship, and serving others. With a desire to reach the nations, students will participate in various outreaches throughout Europe and beyond.


The School of Missions is a one-year program for individuals or families where they can get equipped on the mission field--for the mission field. The program is run by missionaries who share their experience and life lessons to help prepare students for whatever God has in store. This is a great resource for every healthy church looking to help point their servants to step into missions and ministry. This program is a hands--on discipleship, internship-style program. Its focus is on equipping and preparing missionaries for the work of church planting. It is a unique and intensive program used to help launch multiple Calvary Chapel churches across Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond.

A Vision for Life is our summer discipleship program. This 40-day youth discipleship program is designed to give students, 15-25 years old, a radical experience with Jesus. Youth from all over join for 6 weeks of intense Bible classes, evangelism, outreach, fellowship and so much more. They will visit 4-5 different countries, working with Calvary Chapel missionaries. Check out this video from this last summer with testimonies of the changed lives. What did the youth in your church do last summer? Why not encourage the next generation to have a summer like that? It will seriously change their lives forever!


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Phil Metzger, pastor of Calvary Chapel Budapest, Hungary and author of A Story of Grace - Beyond the Iron Curtain recently toured in America with the Calvary Budapest Classical Worship Team, sharing together what God has done the past 20 years in Eastern Europe. Click here to experience the beautiful music, powerful testimonies, and an encouraging message on the grace of our Almighty God.

When George Markey announced that he was moving to the former Soviet Union with his wife and eight children, many people thought he was crazy. But what happened next would change their own lives and the lives of countless others. Follow the journey of a man of faith. This is the story of a simple man from the North American Midwest, whose not-so-simple journey led him and his family into the urban centers of Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe seeks to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. It is our privilege and passion to work with you to reach this next generation. It is our prayer to do this in a way that blesses these future students, and your ministry. If you have any questions please contact me directly Pastor Caleb Beller, (BellerC@ccbce.com). The enemy is roaring about like a lion looking to devour these young people. We feel we must be just as fervent in pursuit of the hearts and minds of this next generation. Help us challenge them to, “Seek ye first the Kingdom!”